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  • The ZeBook package is an R library containing material related to this book. It includes the code for many of the examples that are treated in this book (so that you can run them yourself), including the main models that are used as examples, and data sets for the exercises.

    You can install the ZeBook package from the CRAN repository, if you have an internet connection, by following the instructions:

    1. click on "Packages" in the R menu bar and select "Install package(s)…".
    2. choose a location near you in the list of mirror sites for downloading which will appear.
    3. choose "ZeBook" in the list of available packages.
    4. verify that there is a message in the console window indicating that installation was successful.

    Functions and demos in the ZeBook package
    The package will continue to evolve over time, with the addition of new models and data sets useful for testing the methods presented in this book. The last version 1 was released 2018-03-13.

    See index of help(ZeBook) for a complete and up to date listing. You can access to a pdf version of the documentation on the cran.

    To cite package ‘ZeBook’ in publications use:
    Francois Brun, David Makowski, Daniel Wallach and James W. Jones. (2018). ZeBook: ZeBook Working with dynamic models for agriculture and environment. R package version 1.0. http://CRAN.R-project.org/package=ZeBook