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Good Modelling Practise



The Institute for Inland Water Management and Wastewater Treatment (RWS/RIZA) has taken the initiative to facilitate quality assurance (QA) in modelling and simulation. In a period of 7 months the project team has produced a handbook of Good Modelling Practice. At first the project team defined the requirements to such a handbook and explored the experiences, guidelines and documents on GMP at several research institutes and in literature. Subsequent a ontology (i.e. shared body of knowledge) on modelling and simulation has been developed. A major part of the handbook consists of a survey of common problems and pitfalls, both on a general and on a model type dependent level. The present version of the handbook has been tested by inexperienced modellers (students) and experienced modellers and model users from the participating institutes.

In this handbook a wide range of water management model types is discussed:

  • groundwater quantity models
  • groundwater quality models
  • precipitation discharge models
  • water distribution models
  • hydrodynamic models
  • flood tide predictions
  • geo-morphological models
  • surface water quality models
  • calamity models
  • emission models
  • ecological models
  • economic models
  • operational models

Many organizations working in the field of water management have made commitments to participate in updating and improving the GMP-handbook and to use it in modelling and simulation studies.


  • GMP Handbook
    • Dutch version
      • On paper: STOWA/RIZA, 1999, Vloeiend Modelleren in het Waterbeheer, Handboek Good Modelling Practice; STOWA-rapport 99-05, Rijkswaterstaat-RIZA-rapport 99.036, ISBN-nr. 90-5773-056-1.
        Order a copy (DFL 25 each):
        • SDU, dept. SEO/RIZA, Postbus 20014, 2500 EA The Hague, phone +31 (0)70 3789783, Email Pay after delivery.
        • Hageman Verpakkers BV, Postbus 281, 2700 AC Zoetermeer, use ISBN- or order number and a clear delivery address.
      • Download Handboek GMP (Dutch version).
    • English version
  • Papers on GMP
    • Scholten, H., R. H. Van Waveren, S. Groot, F. Van Geer, H. Wösten, R. D. Koeze, and J. J. Noort. 2000. Good Modelling Practice in water management. in Proceedings HydroInformatics2000. International Association for Hydraulic Research, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA. Presentation (use MS Internet Explorer).
    • Blind, M. W., H. Scholten, and R. H. van Waveren. 2000. Model for success. Water21: October 2000:43-45.
    • Scholten, H. 2001. An ontological approach in quality assessment of modelling and simulation. in A. W. Heemink, L. Dekker, H. d. S. Arons, I. Smit, and T. L. v. Stijn, editors. PROCEEDINGS OF EUROSIM 2001, SHAPING FUTURE WITH SIMULATION, The 4th International EUROSIM Congress, in which is incorporated the 2nd Conference on Modelling and Simulation in Biology, Medicine and Biomedical Engineering. TU Delft, 6 pages on CD-ROM, ISBN: 90-806441-1-0, Delft, The Netherlands.
    • Scholten, H., R. H. Van Waveren, S. Groot, F. Van Geer, J. H. M. Wösten, R. D. Koeze, and J. J. Noort. 2001. Improving the quality of model-based decision support: Good Modelling Practice in water management. Pages 223-230 in A. Schumann, J. Xia, M. Marino, and D. Rosbjerg, editors. Regional Management of Water Resources. Proceedings of Symposium S2 of the 6th Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences, Maastricht, The Netherlands, July 18-27, 2001. IAHS, Maastricht, The Netherlands.
  • Abstracts
    • Scholten, H. 1999. Good Modelling Practice. Pages 57-59 in M. Makowski, editor. Abstracts of the 13th JISR-IIASA Workshop on methodologies and tools for complex system modeling and integrated policy assessment. IIASA, Laxenburg.
    • Scholten, H., and S. A. Osinga. 2001. How to support GMP in model-based DSS. in M. Makowski, editor. Extended abstract of 15th JISR-IIASA Workshop on methodologies and tools for complex system modeling and integrated policy assessment, August 27-29, 2001. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria.


  • a 2 day course on GMP for water management has been developed; please contact Huub Scholten, Simon Groot or Anne Ubbels for more info; this course has been given on May 10-11, 2001 in Ruzina Reservoir, Slowakia
  • a 1.5 day workout on GMP has been developed, using SWAP as example model (groundwater), based on the GMP course, but with emphasis on applying the GMP approach on your own model; the workout will be held Dec 12 and Dec 19, 2001. Please contact Huub.Scholten, Joop Kroes or Henk Wösten.
  • the GMP approach has been integrated in several courses at various (Dutch) universities, Wageningen University included.


  • quality assessment
  • check list
  • simulation modelling
  • water management
  • problems and pitfalls


GMP was one of the projects within the context of the AQUEST program 'Generic Framework Water'.


Present initiatives are:

  • updating of the Handbook
  • evaluation of the use of the Handbook (see webiste)
  • upgrading parts of the Handbook to a (national) norm for model based decision support in water management (NEN-norm of the Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut)
  • a EU-funded project HarmoniQuA of a consortium of 12 partners from 10 European countries to realize a common methodology and guidelines for model based decision support in water management and tools to support this.

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